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Keep Cold & Flu Germs Out of Your Home
29 March, 2021 by | No comments yet

There’s no avoiding cold & flu season. But there are many ways to help keep you and your loved ones from getting sick. From hand washing to disinfecting surfaces, we have all the information and disinfecting products you need to protect your home and the ones who live in it.


Many different respiratory viruses can cause the cold, but the most common are rhinoviruses. Cold symptoms are usually milder than flu, with runny or stuffy noses being the most common. Colds typically don’t result in serious health problems.



The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. Fever, fatigue, vomiting and aching muscles are some of the symptoms associated with the flu, and the illness can range from mild to severe, including hospitalization or death. The best way to prevent flu is by getting vaccinated every year. Children under 6 months should not get vaccinated for the flu.

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