About us was developed by Pelago Inc. to be a multi-merchant distribution platform. The platform aims to empower businesses and communities through e-commerce and distribution. It allows users to shop in community marketplaces, sell their products by creating their own web stores, and stay social through active content sharing by influencers and content creators.
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 Empower your community and establish Community Marketplaces in your area. provides communities with the infrastructure and resources needed to operate localized e-commerce ecosystems. We provide the capability to list, transact and track fulfillment of multiple products and services. We provide the tools to improve shopper loyalty, delivery efficiency and overall productivity.

Start your journey to become a local community marketplace!


Have your own e-Kiosk and take part in our growing home to sellers of all sorts. Offering our customers a better selection at better rates, and a great customer experience! Our e-Kiosk allows you to have your own e-Commerce platform where you can manage your inventory, track your sales and budget, automate your marketing campaigns and many more!  Take advantage of unlimited product listings, enterprise management tools and 24x7 technical support. Actively list your store in partner community marketplaces. 

Let's be partners and open your e-Kiosk with us now! 

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Kick off your community building efforts and help your members grow by transitioning to your own online platform. By creating your own platform with us, you can facilitate your community building efforts - manage your member directory, create your multi-media content, automate your marketing campaigns, and many more!

Leverage your community growth with us!

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Pelago brings quality products to Filipinos across the Archipelago through its omni-channel network of Distributors, Key Accounts, Retail and Online Stores. Pelago enables your business to scale using technology, talent and experience.

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